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"E noho iho i ke opu weuweu, mai ho`oki`eki`e."

—Remain among the clumps of grass and do not elevate yourself.

About Kai

Aloha. Thanks for considering me for a massage.

My name is Kai and I've been practicing body work since 2000, In March '04, I moved to Hawai'i to study massage full time at the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage. I learned many massage modalities (Shiatsu, Reflexology, Sports Massage, Hydrotherapy, etc.), but I was most inspired by learning LomiLomi from a Hawai'ian Kahuna in the direct lineage of Auntie Margaret.

In '06 I moved to the Big Island of Hawai'i and deepened my appreciation for the slow rhythms of jungle island life. I studied with the very amazing Kumu Harry Jim, at his LomiLomi Workshop in Puna. Harry taught that the intention of becoming a healer is to first heal yourself; and, in Lomi, you work from the heart and love the body on the table without judgement or wandering thoughts.

I call my massage style "Lomi Fusion," and combine elements of many massage modalities with the rhythmic, flowing strokes of LomiLomi. As my practice has evolved, I've found that slower, deeper strokes are most effective. Deep tissue work is my specialty, but I tend to be intuitive and communicative in regard to the intensity and pressure. If you'd like a lighter, more "just relaxing" massage, just say so.